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The dream

I was asleep and woken up at 2:30 AM and was aware that I had been dreaming. I was shaking but I knew I had to write it down.
I had dreamed I was in heaven and there was a line of people each one coming before God one at a time, with each one he saw their life and to some he caused a mirrored helmet that could not be removed because he said they never looked for him only the approval of other men. Since they had judged themselves only capable of looking for other people’s adulation they would spend eternity seeing what was important to them.
To some he said he had given us laws that were designed to help all of us help each other yet we demanded that everyone be subject to the rules we chose. We had placed our law above his these people were expelled. There were some he said welcome home, join my family. I prayed that when I was in front of him he would hug me and say “well done my good and faithful servant.”  This was what I have dreamed of hearing.
I reflected on what I saw and thought of those who were given the mirror and I wondered why they had never taken the time to review themselves and what was important to them. It occurred to me that while I cant remember much of what I was thinking after I was first hurt I know I had to figure out what was important to me. I know I have seen so many others get to the point of facing themselves I thought what a tool such a mirrored helmet would have been to make us look to ourselves. We could at least be able to remove it but would need to make sure we spent enough time to analyse our own motives and desires we cold get our priorities straight.
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