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Why Staying Positive

I never buy talks like "I enjoy my stroke" or "I am happier than ever after my stroke." etc. 
You gotta be kidding. Stroke and TBI truly suck. 
I have seen too many times those who said "I enjoy my stroke", will turn around in one second to admit they will do anything to get out of stroke. So much for "I enjoy...".
Talking about positive thinking, I might never master the art to mentally transform my stroke into a pleasurable experience. I will never hesitate to tell my friends that stroke is terrible. Physically, worst thing ever happened to me.
But I do have reasons to remain positive:
First, I truly believe the day is coming when most survivors will be healed. The Stanford finding is just the beginning. Today's gloomy prognosis has been based on a false assumption.
I will do everything I can to see that day. Otherwise, I would openly weep in heaven. Better yet, I might contribute with thousands or millions of people to make this day come sooner.
And there is a lot we can do after that day comes. Let's say a procedure to cure stroke and TBI is approved by FDA tomorrow, there still would be monumental amount of work waiting to clean up this mess. Very meaningful work. 
Think about all the problems need to solve.
How to make this treatment available to all hospitals? How to help millions of people displaced by stroke and TBI back to their career or help them back on track again? How to make sure insurance will pay for the treatment etc.
People like us will make a huge difference in the process once we fully recover.
Second, I really like an insight one of my pastors shared.
He was misdiagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Doctors told him that there were only 6 months left. One week later, he was told the diagnosis was a mistake. Not only did he not have the cancer, but the tumor found was so benign that an operation would be very simple. He totally recovered 2 months after the surgery
That week however totally transformed him. He came to realize that things he had been taking for granted were true blessings. For example, he never would have thought doing grocery with his wife would be that much a deal until then. 
Same happened to all of us. What we take for granted are always true blessings until we lost them. In waiting for that day, I do not want to lose anything left for me.
Third, stroke has simplified my life. It has shortened my once very long personal contact list a great deal. Those who are left around me are my true friends. 
Last but not the least, it does give me a lot of time to work on this site and I am blessed to be building a place with hundreds and eventually, I hope, thousands of wonderful people. One day, we will be doing something to turn our personal experience to serve the greater good for our society. 
All the above keep me positive.
Posted in on January 13 at 11:59 PM

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