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Hatred, love, humanity..

I’ve been thinking lately about humanity more than I have ever before. I feel that we have reached a point which goes beyond my abilities to process..
On general level – have we completely lost humanity these days? Generalization is never the right way to approach this subject either though. “I wonder why humans are monsters to one another”, said my friend recently. I’ve been wondering that sentence a lot. I think it’s very true – too often unfortunately.
There has always been wars – for different reasons and none of these reasons are acceptable in my books. They are talking about economic depression all over the world but somehow there’s always money for going to war even in the poorer countries. People react on terrorism news by feeling badly and naturally by being afraid. And fear increases the hate speech.
People start threatening completely innocent people, for example children even though that have been condemned before.. What is wrong with us? I’ve made a conscious choice to live by my own ideology regardless are my values being considered old-fashioned and naïve. How else we are capable of changing ourselves if the change doesn’t come within?
What if each and every one of us would look in the mirror and ask themselves “What kind of world I want to live in, say, after ten years?”, “What kind of values do I want to promote in this world?”, “How do I hope my closest people to treat me?”, “Am I ready to be such close one for other people?”, “How can I myself advance well-being and world peace?” and so on.
You can reflect on these thoughts but also do something about them on small scale. I would myself start from the basics like remembering to say “Thank you”, “I’m sorry” or “You’re welcome” – words that express emotions in other words – and how to use them.
Why there is increasing amount of swearing and name-calling among children? I wonder is it because children get to listen us regular adults swearing and nagging with an ill-mannered tone. Or why the teen idols are allowed to sing freely in radio and television songs that contain swearing? I believe it has been easy to censor inappropriate speech in radio before, why it couldn’t be done now too?
The same applies for the children and their computer use: if the parents are saying that they can’t control their OWN CHILDRENS’ computer use – I wonder would there be the time to do something about it? Parenthood seems to be going towards “being friends with your child” direction – Wake up! Why “pleasing” your child seems to be so important in homes these days? Child psychiatrist called for “love and boundaries” in child care already decades ago: we have to dare to disappoint our children in safe environment.
The same applies nowadays too. Life is ongoing path of ups and downs. Nobody is safe from disappointments. Liquor, drugs, insulting others or killing won’t bring peace of mind. Do we lack the ability to love? Love always conquers hatred. Love makes us human – also towards ourselves.. Be bold and dare to love – and show it!
Posted in on January 15 at 06:48 AM

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