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It is up to you, with a little help from your friends.

I write about what I believe God has taught me. I hope it will help others to see and celebrate what he has with them as well.
To start with, each of us experiences life as we know it, and because of the way, the things were made we were given the ability to have some control of what we would do with it. We get to choose those things we will value in life that means we get to choose how much or how little we will feel about anything. If we choose the best things we will help ourselves and others as well. However, since no one can make you feel anything you refuse to accept, you alone are allowed to pick what you will do with what you have. This includes being helped. I point out a story in the Bible where Jesus was walking through a town and in the crowd, there was a woman who worked her way close enough to touch him. When she did he felt that she had been healed, so he stopped and asked who had touched him. She told him her story and he told her that her faith had healed her. When we see the healing of this nature it is because the person involved believed that they would be healed.
The problem is, what have you done with it? It may appear in a manner that is different than you thought it would be, but, you are a survivor which means that you get to pick up the pieces and choose to live the best you can. The purpose of giving us the gift of life is so that we can take those gifts and make them worth the most it can be. The father gives gifts and hopes that the child benefits the most from them. That means that the child experiences the most Joy the gift can bring. Since the most Joy, you can feel is when it is shared with others who can appreciate it with you, you need to share your gift sometimes others need to hear that they are gifts themselves.
I try to open peoples minds to understanding that God is God and he does not need our limits and can appear to anyone in any way in order to touch them. We may not like that because we do not have control, God created this world and the nature of things support the true good for his children. I hope you will all benefit and enjoy your gifts. Get the most out of them by sharing with people who are capable of appreciating them as well.
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