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Handicapped - my initial struggles

I remember early on sitting in my wheelchair.
People spoke to my wife as if I didn't exist! They talked over my head.
I remember one vide grenier(boot sale) there were so many people the noise affected me. We had to leave.
When I first came home I slept downstairs, I went to bed at 7 o'clock I was so tired.
Now it is different 7 years on. 
At first I had an external urine collector so I could go out.How things change over time.
As I wrote in one of my kindle books, being a man standing up to have a pee the tinkle of a tinkle made me feel like a man again. Silly things I know, but one step closer to recovery!
I still need to go more often than none stroke survivors maybe the bladder muscle was affected too!I now try to help my wife with as many jobs as possible.
Why should she be burdened with someone who sits around?That can't be said about me.I have my limitations but I am working on those too.
Posted in on November 13 at 05:19 AM

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