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My story so far............

 Well, I have been Locked in for now 25 yrs.! It hasn't always been hard,  for the first say 15 yrs I was in total denial of my condition plus, I don't know what it was like for the other LiS survivors but I felt like I had a lot of my personality drained away like I was still me, I just didn't have my inner fire burning, yeah, you could say that it was like pouring water over a campfire. 
Anyway, I never had the courage to go out in public. I only ever went home occasionally. I figured if I was struggling with the way I looked and my condition then, how the heck was the public.? 
You see my face was severely paralysed, I had no facial expression and due to the paralysis, my facial features were pulled to the left.!
My face is more even now, and I now have facial expressions. I am feeling like my inner fire is burning more than ever before. I am now just frustrated with my condition, nurses, carers, loneliness, boredom and the lack of personal privacy. ! I am so looking forward to moving out next year into a house I will be sharing with 1 person, not 100 + people. 
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