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TIPPS: Tools & Inventions for/from People Post-Stroke

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  • Columbia, SC, United States

    TIPPS, Tools & Inventions for/from People Post-Stroke is an online database that’s meant to be a resource for all members of the stroke survivor community and their caretakers where everyone can share their “life hacks” with other people who may be experiencing the same difficulties and might benefit from the creativity and experiences of others. The website can be found at and any new submissions, comments or suggestions can be emailed to [email protected]. Recent medical advancements have increased the rate of stroke survival in the past several years, however, that means more Americans are living with the devastating effects of the disease. Of the nearly 7 million stroke survivors in America, about half continue to struggle with some hemiparesis that complicates everyday tasks. Many of these recovering and resourceful individuals have used their creativity to adapt everyday objects (e.g. strings, clothespins) to make their own assistive medial devices; in other words they have learned to “hack” their own lives. Increasingly, the population of stroke survivors is becoming more and more technologically advanced and turning to the internet for ideas on how to help navigate their lives post-stroke. The website found at is the bridge between what can be taught in occupational therapy and the simple everyday tasks that one often does not realize are difficult until they lose or have limited function in one side of their body. Organized into general categories such as cooking, writing/reading, dressing/grooming, exercise, recreation, and other resources, TIPPS demonstrates adaptive ways to tie shoelaces, chop vegetables, zip up a vest and even fish using only one hand.