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  • 3238 Dogwood Dr, Hapeville, GA, USA
  • Welcome to Xima Health Zenter!
    My name is Mary Ann and I am the owner of Xima Health Zenter. 
    After 10 years of battling unexplained and debilitating abdominal pains, I decided to look into holistic health practices...AND this is when I found meditation, Reiki & QiGong.  Reiki & QiGong are Japanese and Chinese Healing Art forms that works with the body's energy to promote self healing.  They are natural, healing techniques to help reduce pain, stress and anxiety, while enhancing quality of life and well-being. 
    According to the medical study cited in the National Institute of Health, Reiki reduced the pain of patients with cancer to a greater extent than either massage or yoga.
    At the Xima Health Zenter, we work with Stroke Survivors, caregivers, mothers, students, corporate employees and others to use  visualization and positive thinking.  As the practitioner, Reiki and QiGong are applied to guide in the background during the self healing process.
    Witness how the Power of the Mind, determination and will improved the quality of Jules' life in her incredible Road to Recovery as a Stroke Survivor in the videos below.