• strockfocustes
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      test group
    • sehjadansari
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      this is coreway event testing
    • corewaysolution
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      this is a testing group
    • Blog spot writing club
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      This club is for survivors who are interested in learning how to write a blog, bloggers wanting to increase their audience, abs learn how to capture your readers, and keep them captured. Learn how...
    • test autologin
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      This is a test group to check the work for task 210
    • Hand in Hand Show Discussion Group
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       This is a group for Hand in Hand Show Discussion.
    • test group
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      test grouptest grouptest group
    • Unlimited Possibilities
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      This is a group for Unlimited Possibilities.
    • Peer Support and Technology
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      I think having a peer support group for brain injury survivors would be a good thing.
    • Joyce's Blog Club
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      This is a club for Joyce to share her blogging experience with fellow members. We will talk about how to write blogs. What topics? How to structure blogs? How to share blogs.