How to send a private message to a friend on Wohaula

Not all conversations should be made visible to everyone.
On Wohaula, there are a number of ways to send private messages to people:
1) You can use the message function;
2) You can use the chat function;
3) You can also post onto your friend's wall.
But first, you need to become a friend on the site. Friending a person on Wohaula takes 2 step:
  1. One has to SEND a friend request, and
  2. The other member ACCEPTS a friend request.
Wohaula makes it a 2 step approach because we want everyone to avoid getting thousands of messages from everyone.
Please let us know if you want to change this rule.
Once you and another member are officially friends, you can use Messaging, Chat, or Posting on the friend's wall to send messages to your friend.
Here are the details.
  1. Using message;
  2. Using chat;
  3. Using posting.
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