How do I post in “Topics” vs Groups?

I have an article on Young People having strokes and think it would be better suited to post in Topics>Discussion>Categories>Fruitful Life...  
Joanne Nakao on August 23 at 07:45 PM in How to...
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Joanne - see my answer below.
Assuming you are creating a topic for entire Wohaula.
1) Click on Topics -->Discussions.
2) Click on the button "Create New Topic"
3) Type up your topic.
Don't forget to choose a category.
Click on Save. Your topic is posted.
Assuming you want to post a topic for your group.
Here are the steps.
1) Click on Community --> Groups
2) You will then see Wohaula Group List page. (like below)
Click into the group you want to start a discussion.
3) You will then get into the Home page of that group.
Click on Discussions on the left bar.
4) You will then see a page like below. Click on Create New Topic.
5) Then all the steps afterwards are exactly the same like you just learned.
Type up your topic. Choose a category. Click on Save.
You are all set.
Jing Gu on August 23 at 08:35 PM
you can paste your link into the topic text body. Or you can insert a screen shot (maybe a part of the article) into the topic. How to insert a screen shot is exactly like inserting an image. A screen shot is nothing but an image. You can use to help you on that. We will continue to work with the dev team to make it easier.
on August 23 at 08:38 PM
Another simpler way to start a topic, if you would not mind the discussion "goes away" in weeks, you can simply post the link of that article in What's New at the home page. Discussion, once posted will always be there. What's New. Once the discussion is over, and people do not comment on it any more, will just "go away" - But most of the questions we have, we do not mind if it "goes away" as long as we get answers. So you just post it in What's New, and that can meet 90% of our...  more
on August 23 at 08:41 PM