Tpa survivors question regarding recovery

hi, I am a 63 year old ischemic stroke survivor.  It occurred following an ICAD when I was 50 yrs old.  My question is for all survivors who received T-pa.  How did you feel your recovery was managed following discharge, with regard to any physical deficits vs. cognitive deficits?
Cathy jenkins on October 21 at 09:21 AM in What can you tell me?
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 I received TPa about 6 hours post-stroke.  While it was administered , no one in the operating room would talk to me about what was happening.  I was in excrutiating pain in my back and didn't know what/why they were doing.  Supposedly, it broke up two "very large" clots. There was a long delay while my HMO decided which hospital [UCLA or their own hospital] to use. Based on the now available literature, this delay may have caused additional damage.
david karchem on April 01 at 05:58 AM
They used TPA on me.
I do not think TPA did much either positive or negative, although my wife insisted that TPA made my situation worse.
Right after TPA was applied to me, I had about 10 minutes that I felt things started to come back. However, after that, it felt like falling off the cliff. 
I think maybe in my case (it was an artery dissection) what caused the blockage was washed down further. 
I have recovered way beyond the original prognosis. The doctors told my wife that I might never stand up or talk again. I am now walking 3 miles a day everyday.
There are still a lot of residuals I am dealing with. But the best help I have got is from my fellow survivors - their tips and insights.
No, I do not think TPA has caused any cognitive deficits in me. 
Jing Gu on October 21 at 10:02 AM
I did not have TPA because I had a hemorrhagic stroke. When I teach I meet many people who have had TPA administered and some report very good results - quick reversals of some symptoms. Others report that they did not notice a difference.
on November 24 at 12:43 PM