Cane Question - Palm Grip vs Ergonomic Handles

My stroke affected my balance and I use a cane 90% while walking.  Recently I have bone growths between both wrists and thumbs.  I’ve been looking at Palm Grip and Ergonomic style handles, hoping one of these will ease the symptoms and/or pain. 
What does anyone else use or recommend (in addition to seeing the doc)?  The canes are quite pricey and I don’t want to buy a variety to see which one is better than the other.
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Joanne Nakao on March 08 at 07:26 PM Edited in What can you tell me?
Ser my comment under walking stick for an alternative you might consider.
on April 01 at 05:40 AM
Hi Joann, One of John's OTs was a gal named Martha Paterson. She's local here in Burbank. She specializes in hand issue and ergonomic solutions. She may be worth a visit. I'll put her phone number in a PM to you. Her company is called Artistic Advantage. She takes most insurance.
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