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A stroke survivors pet peeve!

I think my #1stroke survivor pet peeve would be the people of the professional stroke recovery field, telling the new stroke survivor they can recover and get your old before stroke life back.
That's like telling the guy who jumps from the plane with no parachute it's okay you'll hit the ground softly. Am I right?
I have come to learn six years post stroke I can never be the same again!
Oh, we can and will regain physical abilities but the emotional scar stroke leaves will get easier to face but a lifetime to heal.
I mean how can we, stroke and brain injury survivors, ever be the same after staring death in the eyes and living to tell about it? 
(This opinion is based solely on my experience please share yours)? 
Here's something a close stroke survivor brother of mine wrote.
Posted in Recovery Experience on October 31 at 08:10 AM

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