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How To Use Wohaula To Grow Facebook Groups

Wohaula knows how much it takes to build your Facebook survivor groups. Wohaula is not designed to replace or disrupt them. It helps by providing you more tools to grow your groups.


You might want to try Wohaula, if you wish to Expand topics coverage of your groups and Build up an online library.


You can fully leverage Wohaula to grow your groups.  Here is how.


 1) Create your affiliated groups in Wohaula.

You can also build up your forums, photo library, video library and schedule your events inside your groups.


Keep people with special interests in these groups.


2) If you find a great post interesting, you can post it back to Facebook by using the Share function

Here is how.


Click on Share


Choose Sharethis.


Click on Facebook icon.


Choose the group you want to share post with.


That is it.



Posted in Helpful Resources on August 31 at 12:44 PM

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