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The more you use, the more you help!

Hello everyone -
Thank you for all your support!
We have a small but very high quality community.
Bring your family members, friends, and people who are fighting with you to recover from the neurological injury to Wohaula. The more the merrier!
To use Wohaula to its fullest, a couple things you want to know:
1) Ask Us section
This is specifically built for you to post any questions related to recovery and life challenges.
Post your questions. 
We are more than glad to help each other find answers.
2) Talk to other members
Although Wohaula is young and small, it already has the best quality members.
Connect with your fellow member. Ask questions. Let them share with you their experience.
To make conversations more private, you can use
Messenger and
The more you use Wohaula, the more everyone else benefits. Each post reveals a possibility we might not know before.
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